Which countries can join the Bologna Process?

The criteria for membership have been defined in the 2003 Berlin Communiqué as follows:

"Countries party to the European Cultural Convention shall be eligible for membership of the European Higher Education Area provided that they at the same time declare their willingness to pursue and implement the objectives of the Bologna Process in their own systems of higher education."

Countries that do not meet those criteria and therefore are not eligible to join the Bologna Process still have the possibility to introduce Bologna-like reforms in their respective higher education system.

Who may attend the events announced on the EHEA website?

Bologna Seminars are open to a wide range of participants involved in higher education and higher education policy-making (both in Europe and in other parts of the world). The ultimate decision on participation lies with the respective organisers of the seminars, who will have to take into account (among others) the capacities of the conference venue and the need for geographical balance.

Ministerial Conferences, Bologna Follow-Up Group meetings, Board meetings, Working Group meetings a restricted events.

Other relevant events are organized by BFUG consultative members, partners or other organizations. The registration conditions are specified on the official website of each event.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.ehea.info/